martes, 17 de marzo de 2009

"Acuerdate de tu infancia"

"Acuerdate de tu infancia" un supervideo que nos transporta a nuestra infancia , porque hay gente como yo que sigue siendo Peter Pan

the simpsons intro like star wars

the simpsons intro like star wars

The best simpsons intro

The best simpsons intro

PS: its not make of me

Simpsons Intro German

Simpsons Intro German

Introduccion Simpsons choque de neuronasss

The simpsons intro-universe

THE SIMPSONS intro - Lego Style -

I made this video when I was 13. This is the TV series Simpsons intro but it´s done in lego. It took me about two days to film and edit. This video was in Television, in Estonia and Also on BBC2 on the Graham Norton show. It was shown to Harry Shearer. And yes, I knew who I was talking to and I was just scared, because The call was a surprise to me. I tried to make it as smooth as possible, though it could have been better. The first part with the clouds was done in Paint. I used Pinnacle Studio version 8 to edit it. The laser was done in LSMaker. I hope you like it.

Ooootro plano; the simpsons in 3d

this is not copyright infrigment. This was made by people.

Desde Otro Plano de la Realidad alterna de Tiempo... esto se ve mucho en tv.

An indian opening theme of the simpsons.

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